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Terms and Conditions

We guaratee that all our beautiful models are exactly as pictures and provide a high quality companionship service in Europe, Asia, UAE and US.

In order to protect the privacy of our famous commercial models, OneModels International give the access only to our regular clientele!!! 

OneModel International does not provide any ilegal or immoral services. The payment is only for time and companionship spent with our model. All our stunning companions listed on OneModels International directory are all over 21th, and available for entertainment and social eventsAnything that happens  between two consenting adult as a result of them meeting through the OneModels International Agency is only between them. Is them choice how they wish to spend their time. We have nothing to do!

The content of this website is exclusively to persons over 18!


How Does OneModels International Work?

What we do, is seek out the finest International escorts from around the globe, get in touch with them and ask if they would like to be a part of our service. As a business claiming to only deliver the most extraordinary women, the unique selection process created by our team allows us to maintain impeccable standards of quality when it comes to signing up companions and bringing them on board with us. This allows us to confidently state that we can assure an amazing booking experience, no matter which OneModels escort you choose to meet.



The client must treat the model with respect and make sure that nothing is done without her agreement!

For short or long trips our models must to have her accommodation (hotel room), key room, access to room service, phone access to communicate with our office at all times!

International travel costs as taxi, train, air ticket and hotel, ARE NOT INCLUDED IN OUR RATES!



We can ensure you that we respect your privacy and discretion and we can guarantee that any 3rd parties, your email or other details about you and meeting!



OneModels International accespt payments by CASH, BANK TRANSFER or WESTERN UNION.


Our rates for comapnionship service is fixed in EURO and is NOT NEGOTIABLE, we accept as well payments on POUNDS, DOLLARS and CHF. Payment in a forgein currency will incur 10% surcharge. 



Cancellation is free on the first 10min of booking, if you aren't happy, providing the fees for taxi to the model.

Cancellation is free with 48h before your international booking 

For further information please contact us at:  

We look forward to assisting you!