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Competence & Experience

World Class Escorts agency was founded in 2003 and has since then placed itself globally as one of the most reliable first class escort agencies around. Whether you turn to internet forums such as Captain 69 or inter-national top-rankings for advice: You will find satisfied customer feedbacks and positive appraisals about World Class Germany escorts everywhere.

Quality rather than quantity

There are many beautiful women around but beauty is by far not the only quality of the escorts ladies represented by me. Only a few exceptional ladies embody an attractive appearance with congeniality, intellect, devotion and passion. As opposed to many other agencies, I am personally acquainted with all the ladies and have become convinced of their quality in the course of an extensive interview. You may meet with young, natural girly-like ladies, as well as elegant and experienced cosmopolitan ladies. World Class elite Munich escorts ladies are High Class in all affairs. As a high-class escort, they fulfil their dream to submerge into another world from time to time and as amorous temptresses flee from mundane life.

Trust and loyalty

I know a lot of my customers for years now and they value the reliable and discrete co-operation that has developed into a trustworthy relationship over the years. Their desires are known to me and thus make details redundant. Naturally I also appreciate the loyalty of my customers and show my gratitude by offering special benefits. More to that here. It is my concern to assist you with the organization of a memorable time - discreet, straightforward, and reliable. I want you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Under this headline ,the luxury Frankfurt escort Ladies have addressed some issues which are extremely important to them.
When is the meeting to be arranged?
As all ladies apart from their work as an escort have regular jobs or are students, great importance is attached to an early booking.
Inquiries for the same day elite Munich escorts
If you wish to arrange for a date on the same day, we advise you to contact us by phone. Consequently we can ensure faster administrative procedures.
Inquiries by SMS Cologne Escorts
Inquiries by SMS can only be considered, if the gentleman that places the inquiry is already a customer and if the agency knows his name and telephone number. By no means can initial inquiries by SMS be dealt with. We ask for your understanding.
Do I have to give my real name?
As the safety of my ladies is a matter that I am very concerned about and since I feel responsible for them, it is indispensable that you give your correct and complete name and a telephone number under which you can be reached. 
If it turns out that the name that was given to me does not correspond to the name by which you are registered in your hotel, the meeting will not take place.
I can assure you that your personal information will be treated with utmost discretion and will by no means be passed on to third parties.
What is the difference between World Class Germany Escorts Agency Ladies and Independents?
The ladies that advertise on the Independent site are not known to me (with a few exceptions). Therefore I can give you no information on the respective lady. As the ladies are unknown to me, I can take no responsibility for the authenticity of their texts and photos. Independents only have the possibility to place an advertisement on my website, but the agency will make no arrangements for them. All Independents luxury escorts Frankfurt arrange their meetings by themselves and can be contacted directly. All agency ladies, however, are known to me personally; photos and texts are authentic, and I can answer your questions referring to each of the ladies or pass your wishes on to each of them. Your inquiries regarding agency ladies need to be addressed to me. I will consequently contact the respective lady and will pass your invitation on to her. If the lady of your choice decides to accept your invitation, I will inform you and will organise the meeting.
Can I contact the lady prior to the meeting by phone?
This can only be allowed for exceptional cases and when the lady agrees to this. As the luxury escort Frankfurt ladies attach great importance on discretion, please understand that I can by no means give you the lady’s telephone number. In a case like this the lady will contact you by phone.
Invitations for several days
Should you plan to invite a lady as your escort for several days, we strongly advise you to meet the lady during a shorter date first, in order to become better acquainted with each other. If the initial meeting is a success and you really want to book the lady for several days, we will of course offset your expenses for the first meeting. However, this is only possible, if the consequent meeting is longer than three days.
Journey by plane
If it is necessary for the lady to arrive by plane for reasons of distance, we would like to ask you to deposit the plane ticket at the respective airport no later than 24 hours prior to departure. If you wish that we take care of the booking and the purchase of the ticket, you should send us the amount of the ticket by either Western Union or by bank transfer. Of course you can contact the assigned travel agency yourself, and pay for the ticket with your credit card. By no means, however, can tickets be paid in advance by either the lady or the agency. 
What needs to be done if the lady of your choice does absolutely not correspond to your expectations?
If, on first encounter, you notice that the lady is absolutely not your type and that you have no liking for each other, you are able to cancel your invitation. Your decision, however, should be expressed at the beginning of the meeting and not in the course of the meeting. The “beginning of the meeting” naturally depends on the length of respective booking. If a case like that arises, I will ask you to compensate the lady for her travel expenses and her expenditure of time. Furthermore I would appreciate, if you could contact me afterwards in order to describe your reasons and your disapproval. I will consequently find out more about your expectations and wishes and will be able to give you better advice for future meetings.
Confirmation of the Appointment
Please confirm your meeting by noontime of the agreed day, either by e-mail or phone. Please leave a voicemail if necessary.
Change of Schedule
If a change in your business schedule is likely to prevent you from keeping your appointment, we would appreciate it if you would inform us in a timely manner. While having to cancel an appointment is occasionally necessary and acceptable ,a ‘no show’ is not only unprofessional, but also extremely impolite!
When choosing your hotel ,we would like you to keep in mind that beautiful surroundings are vital for the Ladies’ well-being. They prefer to stay at first-class hotels which should fall ,at least, within the four star-range.
Discretion is just as important to the Ladies as it is to you!!!! The content of your conversations and what transpired during your meeting should only be of interest to you and your companion.! Revealing these details to a third party is simply impolite and disrespectful.
Choosing the Right Words
Please refrain from using any vulgarities or obscenities during telephone calls or in e-mails; otherwise, we will not be able to treat your inquiry seriously and it will be simply ignored.

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