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The Legend of Manny Pacquiao

by Manila World Class Escorts


His legal name us Emmanuel Dapidran Pacqiao, and he is the best athlete ever from the Philippines in a landslide. Born in Kibawe Bukidnon, the young Philippine had no idea he'd be the future toast of the sweet science; furthermore, Manny had no inkling that he would one day become the WBO Welterweight World Champion. He tore through the opposition, which eventually made him a household name with HBO and Las Vegas, particularly with MGM Grand, where he tore through his last fight with Shane Mosley.


LL Cool J performed at the pre-fight in the most recent bout versus Mosley, but the hip-hop did little to aid the American veteran fighter, who was in over his head. Referee Kenny Bayless scored numerous knockdowns for Manny, and it was a sign of how the entire night would transpire. It was also an indication of how anti-climactic the sport of boxing has been in the last ten years, as the best fighter in the world isn't even fighting the best opponents. Escorts in Manila watched Pacquiao destroy Joshua Clottey at Cowboys Stadium. Critics of the sport argue that the event was more for the pageantry of Jerry Jones than it was for the sport of boxing.

Manila escorts have been waiting a long time for the Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather fight. First Floyd faked an injury, and then his uncle spread rumours that Floyd was yet to be in optimal mental and physical fitness. It created a temporary divide between the Mayweather family, and it did little to materialize a plan for the fight between the two best in the world. Sexy women hope that a bout can take place before the legendary Bert Sugar dies.


The man who sees Manny the most in his nightmares is Miguel Cotto, undoubtedly. The Latino fighter has fought Pacquiao twice has been demolished both times. Reports were that Manny had no interest fighting him the second time, but for the sake of the sport, and for reasons of unavailability, he went ahead and fought anyhow. Manny Pacquiao's wife is what Manila call girls refer to as well-to-do.


Manila escort agencies reported that Manny Pacquiao wants to run for president. Indeed speculation was true as Manny himself reported to be “bored” of boxing, and at the same time his native land was in need of assistance from poverty and other squalor. He is already an ardent charity figure, and people close to the Pilipino fighter say he'll ultimately return home no matter what. The return home will be a simple as the victories versus Paulie Malignaggi and Ricky Hatton. The Philippians has a terrific escort industry as well as massages and xxx basketball players. The Pilipino people love basketball.