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The Amazing Marek Hamsik

by Bratislava World Class Escorts


Marek Hamsik is possibly the best football player Slovakia has ever seen. He arguably surpasses in talent any forward who plays for the Czech Republic, and continues his excellence in the Italian League with Napoli FC.


In the South Africa World Cup in 2010, the casual fan noticed the absence of Marek`s goal scoring, but what the more clever fan realized was that in every game, including the one with defensive powerhouse Italy, he was shadowed by two defenders at all times. It had to be done, as the young Slovak with an explosive six foot frame has always been a load to defend, more so than Bratislava escorts. The young man cited Pavel Nedved as his hero, and in 2007, he lived up to Pavel himself, when he finished runner-up to Martin Skrtel for the Peter Dubovsky Trophy, which is awarded to the best young Slovak football player. Hamsik went ahead and won it in 2010, and it`s what had Napoli president De Laurentiis pay five and a half million pounds for.


Bratislava call girls travelled to the biggest tournament in the history of Slovakia, in South Africa, where the team amazingly defeated the defending World Cup champions Italy. It was an embarrassing loss for the Italians, as they had to call escorts after the game, but for Slovakia, it was a banner moment, to watch the Italians cry and swear to their media that it would never occur again. Hamsik was marked closely in the game as usual, but it freed up Skrtel and and Vittek to score historic goals, and they did not lose sight of who the captain of the team truly was.


Parties in Bratislava escort houses continued for days after the big victory versus Italy, and while it is now over and Hamsik is back in the Italian leagues, ironically, the country will always have that moment to remember, when call girls and nuns came together in name of Slovakia football. While they did lose rather badly to the Netherlands that next game, it was irrelevant to the people, as they had their moment, and they still had their young king of a player in Marek Hamsik. Never before had the nation worshipped a such a young man, and one with so many tattoos as well. And while he failed to score a single goal in South Africa, he helped Slovakia qualify for the big tournament, thus the team earned the chance to create that magical moment, even if it only remained for a couple of days. It was the single event that had Slovakians gravitating to football more than hockey, which the Nedved family would surely have loved to be a part of, having one son in hockey and one in football. Pavel Nedved kept the integrity of the region strong when he was admonished from any affiliation from any girls other than Bratislava escort girls.