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>>May - My name is May and I am a 29 year old independent Thai escort based in Bangkok, Thailand. I am 5' 3" (1.60m) and weigh 108 lbs. (49kg). I speak conversational English and I can meet you for dinner followed by some hot fun, or just for providing you with a couple hours of erotic pleasure if you like. I will provide you with the girlfriend experience you are looking for. I take my time and won’t make you feel rushed.

Formalities to Be Followed While Hiring Bangkok Escorts

Whenever you are hiring an escort in a new city, it is important that you find out the local practices and local formalities to be followed so that your experience on hiring the local escort goes smoothly. The same applies when you hire your escorts in Bangkok. You should know the formalities that are followed in Bangkok while hiring escorts. In case you already have prior experience in hiring escorts in your own city, you are likely to be familiar with the local formalities in Bangkok.


The first step in hiring Bangkok escort services is choosing the right escort to entertain you. You can today easily pick your escorts online. You can choose an independent Bangkok escort or hire an escort from one of the top Bangkok escort agency. Once you have finalized your escort you should call the escorts company or the escort directly. You will be required to give the exact time and venue. Before you pick up your phone to make your call, try to have this information ready because you cannot hold on the line for too long as Bangkok escorts and Bangkok escort agencies will ask you to call back with this information.


You should also tell your Bangkok escort your special preferences on the costume. This will depend totally on your program and how you would like to use the escort. If you want to take your escort to dinner, you might want her to come in formal dinner wear. So here again before you make your call you better be prepared with your plan.


You can hire your Thai escort on hourly basis or on daily basis. Once you book your escort, try to keep yourself free for the hired timing and be present promptly to receive the Thailand escort. Your escort will not wait for too long for you in the appointed meeting place. It is important to keep the escort informed in case you are going to be late. If you are late, it will still be counted as part of the paid hour.


You are free to meet your escort in a restaurant or other public places or in your hotel room. It is customary like in every other place to pay your escort within the first fifteen minutes. Escorts will normally demand for their payment in the first fifteen minutes if you don’t pay them before they ask you. If you do not pay your Bangkok escort even after she has asked you, then she is free to leave.


Once the paid hour is completed your Thai escort will leave unless you want to extend the time with her. In case you want to extend the time with her you should check with her on her availability as she may be already booked for the next hour. You cannot force your Bangkok escort to stay unless she wants to continue.

If you are happy with the service, you can give your Bangkok escort in Thailand an additional tip but it is totally up to you.